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I have always created things. I love art. Design. Videos. Photography. Print. Music and craft. 

I shoot. Edit. Render. Produce and direct.

I have two kids. Bad knees. No posture and sore feet but I have never missed a deadline and won a few awards. 

This is a mix of things since 1999. Not the best. Not the biggest. But things that were important to me in one way or another. 

I still freelance as a photographer and videographer from Sweden and do occasional projects all over the world. 

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I am now basing all my freelance activities from Malmö, Sweden. Feel free to contact me about quotes for either photography or film.

Numera utgår allt mitt frilansande från Malmö. Kontakta mig gärna för en offert om ni söker en fotograf eller kreatör.