I will be visiting The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in N.Y

I am traveling together with handful of designers from Norrbotten to New York to attend a week long sustainable fashion week light at the SACCNY. So if you want to meet up let me know!

I will also bring a few boots with me so feel free to drop by and try them on as I will have a small exhibition open all week.

The official statement is:

Stockholm Fashion Week was recently canceled in the name of climate impact and sustainability. The net effect? The “Sustainable Fashion Capital of the World” is gearing up to change the way the world produces, purchases and consumes clothes forever.

On November 21, The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in New York (SACCNY) invites you to hear directly from the bold players who canceled Stockholm Fashion Week and be among the first to hear what their strategy for influencing the global fashion industry toward a more sustainable system is. You will also be able to hear, meet and get inspired by Swedish trailblazers in fashion who are weaving sustainability into, not only the fabric of their designs and clothes but into society at large.

The Sustainable Fashion Forum presents carefully selected experts in FashionTech, innovation as well as fashion brands and from Sweden – not only touting a proven positive impact on the industry but inspiring sustainable production and consumption habits around the world.