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Shop is temporarily closed due to covid.

Feel free to look around and ask questions but as of now I am not able to take any more orders.


A Red Wing fit.

Red Wing

A Red Wing fit moc-toe coming next

(Price Around 440€ due to a new softer leather)

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Tack tack

Dead Denis

Saint Denis got beheaded 1700 years ago. And according to legend he picked his head up of the ground and walked ten kilometres while giving a sermon.

And this boot goes out to you Denis, because that is pretty cool.

(if you ask me.)


As an homage to him

every boot carries an etched emblem of him on the side.

So Denis the headless saint.


Is still out there.



They are handmade. Mostly in


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Only Italian calf leather of the highest quality is used for the boots.


And the construction is a storm welt [Goodyear welt + Storm guard].


And if you do not know what that means:


- It means that they are really good and are constructed to meet the gold standard of any high quality boot.


And they are resoleable.

The boot comes in two versions. Firstly Duotone with "Arctic Grip."

Vibram Arctic Grip is a state-of-the-art technology intent on changing winter footwear and it represents the most advanced cold-weather gripping system Vibram has ever created.


The Vibram Arctic Grip technology is entirely rubber material without addition of metal components or inserts and represents a new approach to the grip on icy surfaces

(specifically on wet ice).

They have features from hiking boots and are well suited for day hikes.


They are essentially a slimmed down hiking boot made to be worn with jeans in a more urban environment.


BUT they are built so that you take them wherever you need.

- I should know, because this is how test all my shoes in the arctic sludge:


I use no membranes.Or any other modern technology for that matter. So they are as cool as boots can be.

So you can take them to a restaurant on a snowy day without suffering from scalding feet the rest of the night.


And they are water resistant, but not waterproof.

Version two is Monotone and are made to be used on the

back streets.

As an avid photographer this is the just a dandy of a boot since I want both something stylish together with the option of running around in puddles looking for those lesser known framings.


Goodyear welted, water resistant, resoleable.

A finer shoe there is none.

It comes on both mens and womens lasts. Can be made wide. [Up to EE.]

A studded Vibram sole is used on the slimmer Monotone boot.

It is a sole design popularised in England made for not bringing in to much dirt into your office when you are running around on often wet streets.

Very slim and stylish.

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Every boot that comes from Vemödalen is handmade and durable.


My workshop is populated by a couple of machines and me, nothing more. And the factory in Italy I work with is a small one that is run by big o´l Italian Papa and his daughter.

And that is important for me. Because you can feel it.

Alone I can only make so many pairs per week which is the reason I have to have external production. Otherwise they would be a luxury item with a price tag much to high for most and that is something I don't necessarily care much for.

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A burnout story from the frozen heart of nowhere

Torne Valley, Sweden.


Corona did a trick on me and got my small boot company real good, so I had to move south.

And while I get started here all boots will be made, and probably also shipped, by my Italian counterpart. 

Customisations is not really doable at the moment since the world is still moving oh so slowly, but feel free to ask and I maybe can sort something out for you.